Ron Turner

Ron is a veteran in CrossFit with 9 years of experience. Having competed in team regionals in 2012 and 2013, he has an extensive knowledge of CrossFit training methodology. Ron is also an accomplished Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting coach with numerous athletes in provincial and national level. Ron has a sports background in college basketball. Outside of the gym you can find Ron being a family man and taking care of his three daughters.

Shannon Pearse

Shannon has dedicated 6 years to training in CrossFit and is originally from Vancouver Island. Shannon loves to teaching CrossFit and has a wealth of knowledge on the movements and standards required in the sport. Aside from CrossFit, Shannon loves animals, especially her dog tucker. Shannon is also a yoga instructor, a swimming coach and is going to school to become a power engineer. You can always catch Shannon and CrossFit Grande Prairie cheering people on or laughing at her own jokes while they work out.

Teagan Peddy

Teagan first found CrossFit in 2015, and have been hooked since day one. Like most people, she saw the immediate health benefits of CrossFit. However, it’s the community that a CrossFit box makes, that keeps her coming back. As a competitive figure skater, Teagan was always physically fit. However, it wasn’t until she experienced the sport of CrossFit that she realized that fitness has another level.

Currently, Teagan is studying to become at nurse at Red Deer College. Outside the gym, Teagan loves just being active! She loves hiking, kayaking, biking…basically anything that gets you outside and moving. Teagan is a NCCP Level One Figure Skating Coach. This winter will mark her eight year of coaching

In 2018 Teagan truly drank the “Crossfit Kool-Aid” and completed her level one certification. “One of the most gratifying things as a coach is watching athletes go beyond what they perceived as their limitations. Whether it’s mastering a new skill like handstand pushups, setting a PR on a lift, or just getting through a workout they once dreaded; I love that as a coach I have the opportunity to be a part of people’s “I’ve got this” moments. I am extremely excited to be coaching classes at Crossfit Grande Prairie!”

Keaghan Lee

Health and wellness have always been a big focus in Keaghan’s life. She is a certified Personal Trainer, a 200 hr certified Yoga Teacher and she is beginning her certification as a certified Nutrition Specialist. As someone who values different styles of physical practice and physical wellbeing, she enjoys utilizing her skills to create the best experience with her clients. Her goal is to create safe spaces for everyone to feel comfortable to move and tap into their body and self through physical practice and to challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves. As she understands that not everyone’s body is going to operate the same, she works hard to create plans that fit an individual’s needs.